Saturday, 4 September 2010

Round Up.

Saturday 28th, Monday 30th and Thursday 2nd September. Clear days and cool nights.

Last Saturday evening I went to fish the Coventry canal by Jeff and generally have a catch up. He entertained me with tales of being thrown about like a cork on the sea during his recent boat fishing trip whilst I grimaced at the thought of the described predicaments. He's not right in the head you know, laughing like a madman as he recounted how his cheery whistling during the worst of the weather brought merciful looks from his fellow suffering passengers. He's made my mind up for me, sea fishing afloat is not for me. I'm going to buy him some sack cloth and a scythe for his next outing so he can properly scare his shipmates by standing at the prow whistling looking like the grim reaper as the sea swells around him.

Applying my tick box assessment of  happiness it was a three out of five evening. I was fishing, Jeff bought along a couple of beers to lubricate the conversation and later on warm sausage rolls from Gregg's materialised from a worker at his house.

I caught some perch on the pole during the evening and we then both tried for zander to no avail.

On Monday evening I took my daughter Abbey to Brandon Marsh for an exploratory eel session. She's been wanting to fish into dark for some time and with no school the next day it was opportune. We fished worms over some fishy chum and resoundingly blanked. It was great to star gaze together though and was a good introduction to the countryside at night, something which takes even grown men some time get comfortable with.

On Thursday I had an evening at Ryton after perch but beforehand made up some very light bobbins for the resistance sensitive species.

I used short lengths of white plastic radiator cover attached to lengths of nylon string. I tested them in the back garden before use and found I had to add a small amount of plasticine to the string in order to get them to show a drop back they were so light. I anchor them to the ground using tent pegs and on the strike the line simply pulls out of the plastic cylinder.

Best of all they fit - along with a couple of tent pegs - into an old car radio case I had knocking about.

I fished air inflated lobworms popped up a few inches off a light running lead and regularly sprayed red maggots lightly over the top. Apart from a few short sharp upward movements of the bobbins - presumably caused by the myriad of tiny fish in Ryton this year - I didn't get a proper bite. Entertainment was had listening to the bloke fishing on the point repeatedly scald the family of swans who now ten-strong are off the nest and making nuisances of themselves with anglers.

Here are some quotes I think we might all use when the time is right:

"Iiiiiiiiiii HATE you, you, you......arrrrrggggghh!"

"Gertcha! you horrible, horrible, thin necked, tiny brained MORONS!"

"You're getting WORSE! DO, YOU, NOT, UNDERSTAND!? 'BUGGER' OFF!!!"
Time to go home:



  1. Interesting bobbins there Barry the fly a run for his money with his fairy tops!
    Did not know you fished Brandon..whats it like?
    Think those swans are going to be "interesting" next year!!
    Tight lines Andy

  2. I had a tip off the other day concerning the canal eels, Keith. Seems that you have to use tiny chunks of fish, too large and you get zander, if they are biting, that is.