Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A PB Perch Times Three And One Last Cast.

I've been devoting a few evenings to perch fishing on commercials recently, and I've fallen for it big time. So much so that despite the imminent approach of the close season last week I chose perch fishing right up until the last minute and when I couldn't ignore the Avon any longer.

Spurred on by the amazing three pounders caught by Steve and Lee in our bloggers challenge I just had to give it a go. Good perch are now firmly on the list of species which put a massive smile on my face when I get one.

I went back to the commercial near Bedworth which Merv' Wilkinson commended for my first outing but blanked spectacularly, only hooking a carp which came off after a short struggle. I bumped into none other than Stef Horak whilst I was there and he came over to chat for a while. Nice bloke, what else should I have expected?

On my second outing to the pool I'd had nothing in the first couple of hours - it's a strictly dawn 'til dusk fishery. I kept looking at my watch and quickly back at my pair of pole floats.... 5:30, 5:45, bloody hell I reckon I can squeeze out another ten minutes.

Stay up there Sun, don't sink!
Right at the last, one of my floats dived under - the bites you get when fishing worms are simply amazing, so positive - and I struck. After a few short tugs up to the surface came a perch and I was on it with the net like a flash, reminded of my recent loss.

At 2lbs 7ozs it was a new PB for me and I was over the (ever brightening) moon. I rushed to take pictures and pack down so as not to incur the wrath of the owner. I was in such a rush that only once I was in my car and out of the fishery gate did I let go a few yelps and air punches. Thankfully I missed all the air bags and dashboard and made it home in one piece, high.

2lb 7oz Perch.
For my next outing I took my now irrepressible skills for catching big perch (all one of them) on a trip to pool two at Weston lawns. Once again I fished the mighty worm on the hook and fed prawns and red maggots sparingly. Izaak looked down from between the clouds and said unto me, and in no uncertain terms, 'Keith my son, you're a ****'. I had nothing but carp.

Five in fact and up to 13lbs 8ozs, all of which stretched the knicker elastic on my pole to incredible lengths but frankly not what I was after.

13lbs 8oz carp, pool two, Weston Lawns.

Last Friday I had the day off work and despite the rapidly approaching close on the rivers convinced Jeff we should have a day at at Weston Lawns. He seemed a little uncertain about the proposal but I was like a red-eyed rat at another opportunity to go perch fishing.

We spent the morning catching roach to 12ozs on light tackle and late-morning I put a worm down the edge on a second rod. After a bright start the skies had clouded over and the light levels dropped, and in the early afternoon I had a bite on my worm. The result was a 2lb 4oz perch, result!

2lb 4oz Perch
Given the change in the weather (for the better) we moved pools and went all out for perch for the remaining few hours.

I succeeded in catching four more fish: two at a PB equalling 2lbs 7ozs and two more about a pound and a half (not weighed).

2lb 7oz Perch No. 1.

2lb 7oz Perch No. 2.
In both cases the the fish came in pairs. An hour or so would pass without so much as a touch and then float would start to dither and a bite would follow. On each occasion I had two perch in successive casts. I could imagine the shoal 'mugging' round the lake on the prowl and coming into my swim occasionally. I believe the key to catching these fish regularly is to determine a place they pass through frequently and put your bait there. Well chuffed with my day we retired to the ale.

My mate Pete's back from his far flung nuptuals and we had an afternoon at Waspo' after barbel on Sunday. Apart from enjoying the warm spring sun, I had only a chub of about two pounds and some tiddlers on the maggot and wand.

The Hawthorn Bush peg, Upper Waspo'.

For my 'one last cast' into running water I met up with Pete again last night on the upper Avon with just the hope of not blanking at the forefront of my mind. It was a bright late afternoon and the best chance was always going to come a last light.

Once the minnows had stopped chobbling I put out a bunch of five maggots on my left had rod and with my last cast bagged a 4lb 6oz chub on this to finish off my season.

4lb 6oz Chub.
It'll be roach and perch for me now until March is out and the cyprinids get on the move.

Here are the Blogger's Challenge scores this evening:



  1. Lovely perch keith they are next on my hit list now I have a pike .....

    Steff horak nice!!!! is that true .I read alot of his stuff and he come across different in his writing.


  2. The bug has bitten me too Keith. Went back yesterday and had two pound and halfers and lost a biggy. Its tremendously exciting fishing, but my bites yesterday were as timid as you like and almost impossible to connect to - why? Who knows.

    Still worth every penny of the fiver afternoon ticket though

  3. Brilliant. I also never look for 13lb carp quite frankly!, because I am not capable of catching them haha. Well done and love the write up.