Tuesday, 28 February 2012

You and Me!

I've been playing around with a new design tool today and have created my first interactive dashboard.

It allows you to enter a weight for each species using the sliders, then works out what your top five fish are in terms of percentage of record weight.

I have entered my target weights for each species this year, now it's your turn to predict what you'll catch and see how we measure up!

Remember, it's only your top five fish which count towards your total so target the worthy species in your plan!

Follow the link to have a play and click on 'Me vs. You.swf' to access the flash file:

Me vs. You



  1. Woo hoo mind games now is it hahaha.....

    You have some good targets there Keith, I hope we all have many happy hours in their pursuit. Im well in to it this year ...Good luck all!!

    Bazal Peck

  2. If I get within 100 points of your target Keith, I'll be very happy. I'll probably need 5 pb's or my fish of a lifetime just to do that! I'll be giving it my best shot though.

  3. Bonkers! Like trying to balance on a log floating in water, mind you my targets are pretty much yours and I too have them logged in a google spreadsheet and calculated so that I can aim at achieving a fifty percent average over my fifteen target species. I did similar last year and oiked up to forty percent from thirty the previous, so these kinds of calculations do work to force an improvement, so not bonkers after all!

  4. Looks like I've got my work cut out trying to hit those kind of targets, especially as I haven't been fishing yet this year. My target at the moment is to catch 5 fish! And then hope they are different species! And then hope they are rather large.

  5. And by the way, it's a very impressive tool.