Wednesday, 22 April 2009

One Evening Two Venues

21st April - Blythe Waters after work then on to Ryton

Although I've had a few other short trips since last posting here none have delivered any noteworthy catches so I'll not bore you unnecessarily.

Tonight the plan was to target Rudd at Blythe waters. I'd fished it briefly last autumn and remember being pestered by and catching Rudd back then whilst I was after the Carp.

After paying my fiver the lady quickly informed me I was to be "off by seven tonight".
"What!? But it's not even getting dark until about half eight!"

The response to my protest was a high pitched whiny noise with 'endearing' Midland twang that continued as I turned on my heels and left the hut - I was against the clock you see.

I fished the lake with the pylon - I think it's called Home pool - and set up a light waggler with 18 hook to 1.7lb bottom. I fed red maggots, liquidised bread and fluffy groundbait steadily.

Sport came from the off and I started with mainly Roach. Mainly Roach became mainly Rudd which in turn became mainly Perch. I lost something silver and significant which I think was a Chub of about two and a half pounds.

I had a few nice Rudd, the largest of which was 9oz. This earns me a couple of points in the fishing challenge I have on with my mate.

A Perch of about 12ozs caught towards the end when the Rudd had returned made my heart stop until I saw it.

So the scores on the doors are now;

Just so you know, I'm a sucker for rules and was packed up and in my car by ten to seven. There were plenty of others who hadn't even started to pack up as I made my way out, including what looked like a match which was still underway on one pool. Perhaps next time I'll talk to a few other anglers to find out what the real deal is.

Driving home at about five past seven I thought about the hour and a half of light left. Compulsion kicked in and I was set up at Ryton Pool by half past seven.

I lobbed in my remaining groundbait and the particles I hadn't used and fished breadflake over the top in the margins.

Within ten minutes I had bubbles and by the time I couldn't see my float I'd had two Tench - one about two pounds and one of 3lb 5ozs. Not monsters but fish that wouldn't have been caught if it weren't for being slightly deranged.

The best example I have of dogged derangement was whilst Salmon fishing for most of the day in the rain in the Highlands. At about half five as dusk neared and the air cooled I waded out of the chilly water with rain dripping down my neck. The pull of steak and ale pie, pints of ten shilling and a hot shower were strong but delusion won the day and I forced myself back into the water at the top of the run for 'one last cast'.....

This stupidity earned me my first ever Salmon. So I think what you lack in skill you can to some degree at least make up for in perseverance.

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