Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Meet 'Norm'

31.3.09 Ryton Pool after work, peg 2. Warm. Light wind into Right hand bay. Clocks forward.

It was really warm when I got out of the car and my thermal bottoms and multiple undershirts felt as out of place as Coventry in the Premier League.

Ryton Pool was 'busy' with three other fishermen already in place when I arrived. There was a guy on the shallow side with a couple of lines out and two gents who I've now met fishing nearby. One scored with two Tench 'about the pound mark' and the second had an unlucky night losing a number of Carp.

I had just the one Tench on bread over groundbait to a lift-method float. Apart from one other liner at the death I've nothing else fishy to report unfortunately.

I had a second rod out after a Pike but despite popping the deadbait up off the bottom to keep it out of the weed it didn't tremble all night. I heard first hand stories of good predators though so hope I can still get my 'double' here.

I had a regrettable run-in with a Greater Crested Grebe - but that was nothing to do with my deadbait - it picked up my bread off the bottom meant for Tench! It must had dived out of sight some way from my swim, but when the float went under I instinctively picked up the rod sharply. To be honest it felt like a fish for a good while, staying low, pulsing and pulling a bit of line from the reel. It was only when I got it near the surface that I groaned. I got it in to the edge and gave it some slack line. After about the third slackening is shed the hook and scarpered. My hook was both barbless and still on the end of the line at the end of the escapade. Furthermore I saw the Grebe later on diving as before so no harm done.

I know there's not much in the way of silver fish in Ryton but I've never had a Grebe diving on my bait before. Coots, Ducks, Swans andTufts yes, but not Grebes.

Apart from this unwanted foray into foul-snaring the most noteworthy event of the night was that the Tench I caught was the same fish as last week. Last week it weighed 5lb 7ozs, this week it weighed 5lbs 6ozs - obvioulsy been to fat club. Don't believe me? See for yourself. Check out the slight scar on the flank and the top of the tail.

Even weirder is that last week I though I'd caught the same fish the year before. Maybe there are just a handful of Tench in the place!? This one certainly likes dog food groundbait and bread and was in rude health just one week after it's previous capture.

I've a day off planned soon so hope to get amongst some different species at a different venue.

Midland anglers, don't forget Jubilee Pools reopened last week and new Leamington books are now available for the coming season. - Tight lines

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