Tuesday, 24 March 2009

A Bronze Tench amidst March Winds - deja vue

Ryton Pool - 24.3.09 after work

It's tough at the moment. It's not summer. It felt like Spring last week but this week it's reverted back to late winter.

Tonight the wind was a cool stiff WNW on Ryton pool with 9C on the dial upon arrival and 5C upon departure. It also rained on and off for the duration.

I was targeting both Tench and Pike from Ryton. Having had one of those days - you know the ones - I had driven off from work leaving my maggot tub in my parking space (where it had sat under my car during the day). Thankfully my fishing pal and colleague Pete was on hand to rescue the grubs before security blew them up or evacuated the surrounding area.

Once at Ryton I elected to fish 'Roger's' peg. I call it Roger's for no other reason than Ryton regular Roger Booth built by hand it last year. In fact I did so well off it with the Tench last year I took it's photo.

I took another photo tonight for prosperity and you can compare the two below.


Last year;
It's funny isn't it, although my gear looks similar there are some big differences in the set-ups used. I always get that feeling when looking at old fishing photos - 'how little did I know back then!'. I suppose the day I stop getting that feeling is the day my fishing stops progressing.

Going back through my photo records it seems I also caught a Tench from the peg about this time last year.

Last year;

I had a two Tench tonight. The first was 3lb 12oz and the second weighed 5lbs 7oz and so gets me a bronze in the fishing challenge. I had it on bread flake under a lift method waggler. However, I think the five pounder is the same fish as the one I caught last year!! Check out the photos and look at the tail.


That's only my third Tench from Ryton this year and already I'm amongst the five pounders, I hope the reports of 9lb+ Tench from the pool carry some weight, we'll see.

One thing's for sure, once the clocks go forward next week these fishing reports will be appearing on the Wednesday rather than a Tuesday evening.

Finally, the bronze Tench brings me level with Pete in our challenge.

Suffice to say the Pike rod didn't twitch at all this evening. When I brought it in the bait was well weeded. Next week I'll have to either suspend the bait under a float or pop it up off the bottom and hope for a take. All of a sudden I need that 10lb Pike!!!!

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