Tuesday, 10 March 2009

A break from the norm (it's not a Chub!)

Ryton Pool, LAA, Sunday 8th March 14:00 - 18:00 hrs

With the end of the river season looming I thought I'd better start to get in tune with still water once again.

In my minds eye I associate stillwaters with warmth, summer, and rolling fish. I managed one out of three.
Despite the golden glow in the photo, Ryton was earlier battered by a stiff wind and heavy showers during the afternoon. I was firmly under my brolly and so promptly fell asleep, making sure my alarm was on loud on the carp rod and clutch set to minimum on the float rod.

I put a chod rig over a bed of particles on the carp rod in the deep water by the car park, and set up a light float outfit fishing maggot under a waggler. Absolutely no watercraft was engaged during swim selection. The swim I chose was a) close to my car and b) out of the wind (Izaak forgive me). If it was warmer then I would have followed the stiff wind.

Nothing occurred until about 17:30 when I saw the first Tench roll over my bait. Shortly after I had a bite and connected with a small but thoroughly miserable looking Tench of about three pounds.
Despite seeing no fewer than seven Tench roll in and around my baited area, not more bites resulted. This pool has produced Tench of significant size this past year and so although the place has got little to do with the Warks Avon you might be hearing quite a bit about it during the pending hiatus on the rivers.

The air temperature dropped rapidly as the sun dipped and by the time I reached the car it was 3c on the dial. I did see one carp throwing itself about late on, but other than that Ryton looked to be still waking up to the fact the seasons are on the turn.

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