Wednesday, 4 March 2009

And so it came to pass; it's freezing again!

4.3.09 Plough stretch after work.

After last weeks (relative) success with the Chub, with maggot straight on the hook, I called in at Lanes and picked up two pints of whites on my way past.

It chucked it down over here last night. Heavy. Cold. Rain. It was like a flashback to the appalling weather on Jan / Feb. On the way into work this morning the Blythe was well up and threatening it's banks at junct. 4 of the M6. Taking this into account I elected to fish the middle section of the club water as the bottom section appears to spill over the bank if you so much as take a leak. Many a time I've seen anglers running for the safety of the hills because a big lad has vented his thermos upstream.

I was back in the swim I'd given a go a few weeks back, where I know there's plenty of Chub under the trees. I've caught Barbel there too but to be honest it was too cold for them to be a real prospect.
Starting with a maggot feeder in the slack / laminar water on the far side, the trembles and chobbles began on the first cast.

I didn't want my bait smashed up continuously so focused the feeder-loads more towards the main flow.

This resulted in a tap-tap bite which I in turn converted into a Chub. No great shakes, 3lb 2ozs.

I lost another Chub soon after this due to the shear force of the main flow. I hit a tentative bite and the fish was on, but as soon as it entered the flow the hook pulled with the lead flying past me upstream.

Bumped into Swivel (blog follower) once again who did much better than me with a new PB Chub of 5lb 6ozs. Nice work.

My pb Chub is from the very same swim and is 5lb 7ozs. My fish looked like it was a hundred years old though!! I also know for a fact that my pb Chub is also a guy on BFW's PB fish too. Small world eh?

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