Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Me and My Boy

Sunday 23rd August, 16:00 - 18:00hrs. Hopsford Hall. Warm and breezy.

Had a couple of hours at Hopsford Hall with Max after Roach this afternoon.

Kept everything very simple - fished maggot on a whip to hand. We had around fifteen Roach to approximately 10oz, some of which he struck, swung in and returned by himself (after I'd unhooked them).

It took roughly a quarter of a ton of confectionery and crisps to bribe him into staying for the duration, most of which time was spent playing with the maggots rather than fishing but hey, it's a start.



  1. Involve him in next years fishing challenge Keith. Promise anything he wants, if he beats you!

  2. Hi Keith,

    I hope you had a nice holiday.
    I'm hoping you can give me some advice, my nephews are coming to stay soon and are looking to try their hand at fishing (they've never fished before).

    Is Hopsford Hall on day ticket and if so would it be a suitable venue for teaching youngsters how to catch a few silvers?

    Cheers Steve

  3. Hi Steve,

    Hopsford is a day ticket water and in my opinion is cross-over Carp/pleasure/commercial. Although it has a large head of Carp it has plenty of Roach, Perch, Gudgeon etc. to keep the impatient ones busy. It's in pleasant countryside too.

    Paste these co-ords into Google maps 52.450323, -1.380031 for directions.

    Alternatives round here with guaranteed bites on maggots include Jubilee, Meadowlands, College Pool (Wasperton), Brookleigh (52.470636, -1.520127), and Stockton reservoir.

    Remember to take lots of sweets!

    Keith .J

  4. Thanks for your help Keith, being their first attempt I'm keen to make sure that they catch, it would be a disaster if they don't!
    Who knows it may result in a couple of new recruits to the sport.

    Cheers Steve.