Sunday, 10 January 2010

A Short Session.

Sunday 10th December, 09:15 - 12:30. Avon at Wasperton. A boiling 2C. Snowing on and off.

A couple of tickles in the last hour but I couldn't convert them into fish.

Still great to be out in the snow again, although I have half an eye out for signs of spring now. Being able to see the grass would be a start.

Just me then.

Rolling downhill along track at Waspo was easy. Getting back up at the end was a little more taxing, especially at the incline and gate at the first car park.

There were two types of snowfall this morning: from the sky, and from the trees and bankside as the snow melted and fell into the river in chunks.

The first spot where I saw some Roach topping a few weeks ago.

I gave it an hour in the first peg which was nice and deep but didn't get a bite.

Second Peg above the weir and out of the wind.

I moved downstream and tried the wide area above the weir for an hour. It was noticeably shallower here and so thinking the fish wouldn't like this I moved again.

Third peg where I had a couple of touches.

This peg by the gate was deeper.


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