Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Eight to Two - Quick

16th February, 16:00 - 19:30. Middle Avon at Wasperton. 8C on arrival 2C on departure. Rain then clearing skies.

Not much to report tonight. I chose a spot close to the lower car park at Waspo where I'd seen plenty of Roach previously.

I put out a sleeper rod for Zander but it slept all night.

I swung out and fished an inside line with a straight lead and maggot on a light quiver but was frustrated with indications I couldn't hit all evening. Perhaps my tackle was too stiff for small stuff. I scaled down to an 18 hook and light hook link but still couldn't make anything of the trembles. I am firmly of the opinion a float would have been king this evening.

At dusk the light rain moved off leaving clear skies. The temperature plummeted and a heavy mist quickly filled the river valley.

One positive bite I made contact with was from a Bream of 5lbs 14oz. I'm sorry this fish got muddy whilst on the bank but it had proper attitude, flipping and slapping continuously. Most un-bream like.

This fish came just before the mist arrived.


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