Monday, 3 May 2010

Sunday Morning

Sunday 2nd May, 10:00 - 12:30. Snitterfield with Abbey. 12C. Stiff N.

I had intended doing a work party with Leamington this Sunday morning but on Saturday afternoon my daughter showed an interest in a fishing trip and when the wife rubber-stamped it as a good idea the words 'rat' and 'drainpipe' had a holy communion.

I'd set up the pole rigs the previous evening and we both perched on a pallet at Snit' out of the blustery wind.

We started shallow with perch and rudd in mind and I trickled reds in regularly.

Owen the bailiff stopped by and lent a hand (to Abbey) and I was soon netting a decent ~8oz roach for her.

We found we had to add depth to find fish and ended up on the deck.

We caught roach, gudgeon, perch, rudd and bream.

The quality of the roach was good, all fish were in the 6 - 12oz range.

Both roach and bream displayed spawning tubercles or fat spawn bound bellies. Love is in the air.

The best roach of the day (~12oz) made a bid for freedom as the shutter snapped.


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