Friday, 28 May 2010

After Brown Goldfish at Brook Field

Thursday 27th May, 16:30 - 19:30. Brook Field. 16C. Moderate W. 

I had a couple of hours after work trying for brown goldfish on the pole tonight. No good I'm afraid.

I did meet Merv' Wilkinson again however and spent the latter half of this short outing chatting with him. Merv's the sort of gent who knows a lot about local fishing, and about fishing in general, but especially about the lineage and recent histories of local waters and rivers and the rise and fall of particular specimen species and big name anglers. It's the sort of stuff that's gold dust amongst us fishermen, and absolutely needs to be passed on as its the roots upon which our latter day sorties and myths are built. I just wish I had total recall on all that he said! 

He has a sideline in leads and rig bits and I bought some excellent leads from him in preparation for the river season. I particularly like the mussel shaped ones. All at a very good price.

 Merv, if people want some of these from you how should they go about contacting you? Leave a comment on this post perhaps. 


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  1. If anyone would like to contact Merv' about his leads and rig bits you can do so on 07794 101685.

    He's okayed his number going up here and I highly recommend them to you.