Saturday, 5 June 2010

Everything But the Goldfish.

Tuesday 1st June, 16:00 - 20:45. Brookfield with Jeff Hatt. Wet and humid, light NW. 18C.

I owed Jeff a lift to somewhere after he'd put me onto the rudd pool where I bagged my challenge point for the species.

Brook Field had fish we both still needed. I fished the small lily covered pool for brown goldfish (again) and Jeff went off in search of gudgeon.

It rained almost continuously throughout the evening but it was soft rain and the air was mild. I'd forgotten to pack my fishing clothes that morning and so fished in my office gear and wellies.

I fed liquidised bread, hemp and small pellets and fished paste over the top under a very light antenna waggler. A single no.6 tell tale shot two inches from the hook was the difference between the float sinking and not.

I mixed some of the breadcrumbs into the paste by hand to firm it up a bit as I found it was being relentlessly pecked by smaller fish. My pasty balls are in the photo above.

All I needed now was to find the local music festival so I could make a bit of quick money before scarpering.

A tenner to you mate....
I caught a few bream, roach and a couple of ornamental carp but not a single brown goldfish.

Cheer up fish.
I saw what looked like two proper crucians roll amongst the weeds as well as some moderate sized carp. I hooked and lost two large fish during the evening which I think were king carp - there's part of me that imagines they were enormous crucians though.

A nice gentle session this with the sky clearing last thing.


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