Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Six Pounds Well Spent?

Thanks to Merv' to for putting me onto these hooks.

Both the pound shop and the 99p shop in Coventry are currently selling eyed barbless hooks and swivels. In addition, the 99p shop is doing two jelly lures for....99p.

I bought a pack of hooks from each outlet the other week and destruction tested them in my back garden.  Although I could destroy them it took quite a bit of effort, and one of them handled a pretty violent fight in the field with a double figure barbel just last week. Others landed seven carp to just over double figures from Stockton on Saturday.

They have really good sharpness and a nice pattern. The smaller ones look really good for paste.

I Qc'd the hooks myself and chucked out perhaps ten percent due to malformed eyes or other faults. Still, I ended up with perhaps 80 hooks for a quid.

I've yet to use the jelly lures but they look OK. The first thing I will do is remove the bottom treble so they won't catch bottom.

Worth a look?


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