Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Ryton's Rudd.

Tuesday 15th June, 16:00 - 16:45. Ryton Pool Information Desk Peg (1). 19C, NE breeze.

I'm off work for a couple of days now to reacquaint myself with running water. To kick things off I had an hour after work for Perch at Ryton on red maggot on the pole.

Barry Swain joined me on the peg and I trickled maggots in and fished up in the water.

I had nothing for the first fifteen minutes.

We then saw a rudd top for a floating caster.

Directly after this sighting I had a fish a chuck for half an hour as rudd intercepted the bait.

I caught eighteen rudd and a couple of perch. I lost my grip on six rudd and they dropped back into the water before I could get them into my small keepnet, so the photo below is only two thirds of my catch. The peg is in a parlous state angle-wise and so it's like fishing on a sloping floor in a 'house of fun' at the fair. Everything you put down makes it's way towards the water!

Notwithstanding a few scales missing from their recent transfer (or better still from spawning) it's good to know the rudd are doing well. They provide an extra dimension to the fishing at Ryton. I'm in favour of putting more of this splendid species into the water. If they grow on half as well as the carp which went in they will soon be worthy specimen quarry.


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  1. Very interesting Keith, be good to see the silvers increase in numbers at Ryton.