Monday, 21 June 2010

Down Time.

Saturday 19th June, 15:00 - 19:30. Stockton Reservoir with the kids. 15C. Blustery NE.

I took the kids fishing to Stockton this afternoon. None of the remaining species I need in our competition were a suitable option with two kids in tow.

I started both rods on zig rigs and black foam but after forty five minutes hadn't had a run. We sat in the corner by the car park well out of the chilly wind.

I spodded a slop over the baits but there was little sign of surface activity.

I put a bottom bait on the left hand rod and it was soon away.

Now with bottom baits on both rods and regular spods over the top the water turned black with rooting fish.

See the dark patch of water in front of the island?

We had seven carp up to double figures.

Whilst winding in the last rod we had a crucian of about a pound on the end. It wasn't hooked before the retrieve and so I guess it took the bait into it's mouth just as my daughter started winding in.

Really enjoyable.

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