Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A Browny Point Out of The Blue.

Sunday 20th June, 09:45 - 13:00. Lanny's Lagoon small pool. 14>17C. Light NE.

I had the kids all day yesterday whilst my wife worked. I took them to Stockton in the afternoon to fish for carp. It's fathers day today and when my good lady suggested I might like a couple of hours fishing this morning my eyebrows met my hairline. I was out of the house toute suite.

I pole fished red maggot over a particle and groundbait mix down the edge. I was after the elusive brown goldfish point again.

As before, I caught loads of bream, baby carp and crucians. I think I redid the crucian point again this morning.

After the first hour and a half I had only one brown goldfish to show for my efforts, and that was caught on the way down to the deck. How did Danny manage to catch so many of them I wondered?

As time marched on I forced my hand and shallowed up from four foot deep to just eighteen inches. I sparingly fed the particles to see if my luck would change up top.

First put in and a second brown goldfish was in the bag. I didn't look back after this catching seven more of them up in the water.

I ended up with eight for 6lb 12ozs and so that's worth a point in our fishing challenge.

I also think I caught a silver bream of 7ozs. What do you think Jeff ? You seem to know what one looks like.



  1. It checks out in every conceivable way, eye size, scale counts, fin ray counts are all spot on, even the dorsal fin is the right shape ( very high and narrow) Keith, so yes, its the real deal so far as I am concerned. Was it the only one?

  2. Just the one Jeff but I caught a slightly bigger one just like it the session before.

    I reckon the point could be done with a day at it but the silvers would be amongst literally hundreds of other fish! Sounds good eh?