Monday, 19 July 2010

Three Ryton Roach to One Ryton Rudd

Thursday 15th July, 16:00 - 16:45. Ryton Pool. Strong warm Southerly. Information Desk out of the wind(peg 1).

I had the following day off work (to go fishing) and so nipped to Ryton to see if I could catch a few perch on red maggot and pole.

I put a couple of handfuls of reds in whilst I put the pole up, then baited the hook and swung out. Before the maggot even had chance to pull the cord on its life vest it had it's insides sucked out by a rudd.

These fish are such a welcome addition to Ryton. I can't remember ever catching a fish on my first cast here before.

Another rudd dropped off and then I caught two pristine roach.

If these fish get the chance to grow on they will be crackers.

I was fishing as close as I could to the weed covered bottom and was getting a few dips on the float that I think were from tiny fish. Last time out here with Barry Swain we saw endless fry and small perch doing laps of the margins. A good sign for the future.

With time ticking on and me not having any perch I packed up and went to watch the carp at the duck feeding area. I fed them red maggots which they grubbed around for in the shallow clear water. Interestingly the wild fowl didn't seem keen on diving amongst them or even swimming over the top of them for that matter.

Ryton looked great in its summer colours. I saw three carp head and shoulder along the car park bank amongst the thick weed.


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