Thursday, 3 February 2011

Napton Gamble.

Thursday 27th January, 16:15 - 18:45. Napton Reservoir with Jeff Hatt. Stiff NE wind 2C - v. cold.

I realise that the length my posts on here have become shorter of late. I'll explain why.

The primary reason is I'm doing so much fishing it's becoming a struggle to cast my mind back into the fog of previous outings. Things which made me laugh or think hard on sorties past are now long forgotten and I'm relying mainly on photos as prompts. I may have to start taking a notebook with me if I maintain this fishing frequency so that I can record some diversionary passages, otherwise I fear I might actually bore one of you to actual death. Let's hope Blogger's public liability insurance covers such an event.

The increased fishing frequency has endowed another revelation: If the fishing's crap, go home, you'll no doubt get another chance tomorrow night.

Before when I was out only once a week I'd stay to the bitter end of every session determined to make the most of my time. Now time is less of an issue for me staying till the bitter end is far less.....compelling.

On the plus side of this is I spend less time in the freezing cold in January. On the minus side, if plan A isn't working I might call it a day rather than putting plan B into action and trying to turn things around.

There will have been only ten days in January on which I didn't fish. I doubt that number will be greater than five come June.

As a diversion from Chub and Roach on the river Jeff and I went to Napton chasing the dream of a three pounder or maybe even an early season tench.



J.Hatt esq. joins the 20th Century.


  1. He may have joined the 20th century but he is still trying to get some sponsorship off a certain brewery by reducing their carbon footprint and reusing widgets as bobbins as well as floats.


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