Friday, 26 October 2012

I Remember Blogging....

The last time I disappeared off here was because of the upheaval of a marriage break-up. That threw me headlong into almost two years solid fishing - long summer nights and some whackers on the bank - and very enjoyable it was too.

I met various assorted nutters on the bank at times when those wearing different heads were tucked-up indoors but it cemented my love of the English countryside in all it's seasonal glory.

This time I've been away because I've found something more beautiful than a mild autumn day, and quite simply fishing itself disappeared this summer. Does strange things to you it does. At one point I actually couldn't work my rods. I'd stand in my garage staring at them but not be able to work out what the hell I was meant to do with them. My malaise was the source of amusement to my fishing friends.

When I did try to get out I'd find myself sitting on my chair staring at the sunset and grinning inanely, rods still in bag. The funniest point came when I arranged to meet Danny and Andy on the river to try for a barbel. I didn't even set up. As Andy was balling in a barbely feast to mid-river I taunted every ball hitting the water with, "That's a Bream!".  To give him the opportunity for revenge I stood feet apart and arms outstretched and bet he couldn't hit me. It took just one thirty yard underarm lob from him and I was on tiptoes whilst the groundbait ball brushed the crotch of my trousers at top speed. That would have set me back a couple of years.

But enough of that.

With an afternoon free today I finally made it out perch fishing at a local commercial. I used two float rods, 'one on prawn, one on worm', and loose fed prawns and more sparingly red maggot. Bloody hell it was cold but I'd come dressed for it.  A Northerly wind persisted all afternoon which ate away at body warmth.

Bites were few and far between but every one was a perch, perhaps due to the cold snap. I ended up with five perch with two over two pounds. A very pleasant way to spend an afternoon and return to species I'm still very fond of.

Just hooked.

Here are the two pounders, they weighed two pound six and two pound nine.

A perch fishing trip a week ago found me attached to a seventeen pound ten ounce common which took a prawn.

17lb 10oz common.
  And at last knockings another two pound perch to a prawn.

Our gentle annual trip down to the River Itchen transmogrified into a proper bender meaning sore heads all round on a day which deserved to be purer. Not a brain cell between us.

Hazy. Very hazy.

We got very, very drunk which is neither big nor clever.

I caught an absolute shed load of these.

And finally by way of reminder (to me as much as any casual reader), we're having a bit of a competition this year to see who can catch the five largest fish from a selection of species.

I've greatly enjoyed reading about some fantastic captures and outings by others in recent months and perhaps now can hope to nudge my own score up before the finish line of 31st December.

Here are our scores:



  1. dad thats quite funny =] glad you had a nice fish you deserved one xxx

  2. Welcome back Mr Jobling. Good job on the perch! some very interesting fish you caught there.

  3. we've missed your posts Keith, glad your back

  4. Welcome to blogging Keith I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Used to be a guy on here looked a bit like you. Wonder what happened to him?

    He caught some great fish, Wonder if you'll be a complete lucky b***** like him? Keep the posts coming so we can find out eh!

    Welcome back mate
    ATB Lee.

  5. Hey Keith. Welcome back from across the pond. Glad you have your feet on the ground again.


  6. Bloody hell, a Keith Jobling special. Welcome back Keith, I bet it hurt the fingers to make this post so used to alternative digital delights they've become!

    That's such a great picture of the Primrose Cottage living room though. Thing is, no one looks cut! I can barely remember a thing about that evening...

  7. Nice to see you've not forgotten the art of writing Keith! Good to have you back.

  8. Super Perch, I’ve just started a new fishing blog ( and although it’s still in its infancy I was wondering if you could add it to your blog list and I’ll do likewise with your site. Many thanks, Lee