Monday, 14 January 2013

For The Record....

For the record, our bloggers '2012 Top 5 Percentage of Record Weight' competition drew to a close at the end of 2012.

Once again there were some fantastic fish caught across all those who took part and I'm sure the challenge provided a framework for us to pursue fish which otherwise we might not otherwise have invested effort in chasing.

I was lucky enough to post another win but put that down to the time I had available rather than laying any claim to being a better angler than anyone else. As with any pursuit, the more you practice the luckier you become.

Our Final Scores.
So here's to next year. For me it will be a case of fish whenever I can with the aim of extracting maximum enjoyment from each session rather than the biggest fish. Sure I'll follow the seasons and the species like any seasoned angler does, and I'm certain I'll roll the dice on a big fish trip from time to time, but for now I'm looking forward to getting out in the countryside and getting some bites.

Here's the result of my last perch session of 2012, a 2lb 12oz perch on a prawn from a local commercial. I went all of last year without catching a three pounder. Something that I intend to put right in 2013!



  1. I was wondering what happened to this competition!

    Thanks for posting the results Keith, always interesting. I take it there's no organised challenge this year then?

    1. Thanks George.

      There's nothing planned for this year no. Time to take it easy!

  2. That's a shame- great reading all your blogs ! I used to bump into you from time to time on the plough - how the hell did you always catch the barbel ? - I nearly always caught chub ! I think the otters have done their bit down there in recent years- but I've never seen a happier chap having packed up early after nabbing a 12pounder and off to get a deserving beer. Keep on blogging mate!

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