Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Back on the Plough stretch of the Avon again after work this evening. Snow still on the ground from Mondays heavy snowfall and the air temp. at 2C. Bright when I arrived but soon clouding over with the skies darkening and the forecast of more snow tomorrow.

Only started fishing at 16:30 so didn't have long as it's dark by ~17:30. Fished into dusk.

Ended up with five Chub to around 4lbs max.

Trundled breadflake on the 'pin did the trick. Hair-rigged the bread using my float rubber set-up. Only needed a couple of AA to keep the bait down but moving. Braided mainline ensured every nibble registered on my Fox Barbel Special 1.5lb tc rod. I lost another fish due to a break of hook length (10lb bs) and missed the same number of bites again. The third fish bent the starpoint hook straight in the fight. Later fish once again blunted the fragile hook points.

The water was up slightly but in great nick. I travelled light taking only my shooting stick as a perch and a folding landing net to stay mobile.

Once again the lack of feeling from my knees down was soon remedied by the open fire and Guinness at the Malt Shovel.

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