Monday, 23 February 2009

An early lead

Sunday 22nd Feb - An early hour and half at Wasperton and my pal gets off the mark.

My fishing pal Pete has more time on his hands than me. This leaves him able to regularly devote time at weekends to fishing. He was out both Saturday and Sunday over last weekend and put points on our 'fishing challenge' board on both occasions.

I'm not going to enter into any banter here, it would be easy but impolite for me to slate him on a forum where he's got no chance of reply. I'll save all that for when we speak in person.

He was at Lucy's Mill on Saturday after Zander, Pike and perhaps a Roach and had a 10lb 8ozs Pike. It was his only fish of the day but enough to seal top points for the species in our challenge.

The following day he was on the Plough stretch of the Avon and had a single fish, a Chub 4lb dead. Again, enough to get on the board. There's a long way to go yet.

I had an hour or so before a work party for Leamington Angling. I was all out for a decent Perch. I fished the bottom section of Wasperton in the steady water near the car park. I trotted a lob worm just above bottom under a chubber float about two rod lengths out, feeding maggots sparingly to try and attract the sliver fish into the area and hopefully attract the Perch's attention.

On a second rod I stret-pegged a worm down the deep water on the near bank. Mainly to double my chances of a bite but also in case they wanted a static bait. Despite feeling confident with my methods once again they failed to produce. I didn't have a whiff.

I consoled myself by shifting inhuman quantities of topping onto the track and nearby car parks.

I will endeavour to attach a photo of a fish in the near future.

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