Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Brandon Bites Back

Weds 18th Feb.

OK so my pal and I are now definitely getting carried away with hitting the fishing targets we set ourselves at the start of the year.

It must be bad for me to forego the rivers when there's only ~three weeks of the river season left to resort to a stillwater. The fact is that the air temp moved to a heady 10C yesterday and remained mild last night. Lakes have reverted to liquid form rather than solid and it's not particularly a) windy or b) rainy at the moment. In fact, there's almost a whiff of spring in the air.

I was at Brandon tonight trying to catch; a 1lb+ Roach, a 4lb Eel, and a 30lb+ Carp. And if none of that came off I would have been happy with a 3lb+ Perch. Yeah right.

Brandon Marsh taketh away as quickly as it giveth. Apart from a judder on the lead and a dip of the float I had no indication of a fish all night, and positively blanked. As dusk descended I did see the odd small Roach flip and Tench roll, but nothing took the bait.

What my mate fails to understand about this this competition is that he finds himself up against one of the best general specimen anglers the odd numbered houses of my street have ever produced. All I need to do now is back that claim up with some fish.

Consolations from tonight include; unloading my gear at home and my mind starting to buzz and race with the forthcoming angling opportunities the year will present. I think this is largely a physiological / biochemical reaction to the increased air temperatures and lengthening days recently. I can't be the only one who wants to be spending more time out of doors as soon as the shoots put in an appearance!?

Secondly, feeding maggots to the Robins out of my hand.

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