Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Choglud Brown

Sunday 15th Feb.

I stole exactly two hours fishing from my family this Sunday afternoon whilst they all went swimming - I like to keep my fishing away from the weekends wherever possible.

I went to the Plough stretch of the Avon and was surprised at the height of the river. The height and pace was caused by the the snow melt still coming through.

The real target was a Barbel as the air temp had warmed up but I was happy to include Chub in the plan.

I found a spot with some pacy but laminar flow on the far side of the river, in a hole between some trees. I knew the area had a gravel bottom from previous summer sessions. With spiced hair-rigged luncheon meat on the hook and a two ounce lead to keep things down, I found the rod still needed pointing skywards to prevent the flow dragging on the line and dislodging the lead.

Despite lightly trickling in maggots and the odd cube of meat upstream of where my bait lay to try and encourage feeding no bites materialised.

Air temp was a whopping 9C upon arrival and for the first time in living memory I could stll feel my lower limbs at te end of the session.

My pal Pete joined me and too suffered a blank.

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