Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Tuesday 17th November, 16:30 - 21:00. Warks Avon Theatre at Stratford. Mild with strong SW wind, occasional shower.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to make fishing at all yesterday and so was pleased when things fell into place to allow me to arrive on the bank before dark arrived.

I was fishing by the theatre at Stratford with Roach in mind.



Soon after;


I was fishing a 2oz glass quivertip through to a cage feeder. In the feeder was a combination of liquidised bread, hemp and a few drops of little liquid additives. I had a boom of 12lb ESP coming off the swivel by the feeder to prevent tangling on the cast, onto which my 4.5lb hooklength was attached. My only nod towards ingenuity was the small hair and pellet band coming off my hook. I pinched my flake onto the hair leaving the hook free.


It was a slow start. The wind was strong and was being funneled up the river by surrounding buildings and trees. The water was the milky tea side of chocolate. There was a bit of extra push on but not a great amount. Whilst light I could see floating debris coming down.

There was also sub-surface debris in the extra flow as I was occasionally getting debris bites and was also picking it up on the feeder and hook. Not so much as to interfere with the fishing too much though.

It took me a while to get my brolly positioned correctly so it wasn’t being blown about by the wind and once I’d done this it freed up my left hand and made things more comfortable.

Over the course of the evening I’d say 50% of casts were brought to an end by a debris bite, 10% by a gust of wind dislodging the feeder on the deck causing it to bounce off downstream, 10% by a bite and 10% by a swan. The remaining 20% of casts ran their natural course.

I had my first bite and fish before the beta lights started to glow though; a steady jagged pull-round. This resulted in a Bream of 5lb 9ozs. Larger than the average size below the weirs I’d say.

A second Bream 5lbs 1oz followed, once again a good bite.

I missed a bite whilst chatting to Pete on the phone then had another fish around 4lb (not weighed).

Next were fish of 6lb 5oz and 5lb 14oz, so five fish for 25lb+. Result.

I didn’t catch any Roach which were my target species but enjoyed the session nonetheless. The Bream kept pulling back right up to the net and the extra water boosted their fight as they kited in the current. All the fish were in great nick.


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