Thursday, 19 November 2009

Not Even Sure Which Canal I Blanked On

19th November, 16:00 - 18:30. Hawkesbury Junction with Jeff. Stiff wind. 15C upon arrival 13C on departure.

A quick one this.

Met up with Jeff to poach his manor for Roach after work. The strong wind dictated our position and Jeff had kindly put in a reccy earlier on in the day to find a spot with shelter.

I fished bread on a hair on the hook under a float over spicy hemp and liquidised bread. I had nothing that could even be misconstrued as a bite all evening.

Jeff fished the worm and had a blank saving fish which I'll let him tell you about.

I looked at my watch and issued a 'pub!' command after around two blank hours. Winter fishing eh; shorter sessions on the bank, longer sessions in front of an open fire!

Whilst roasting our nuts on said fire we both put thought into Jeff's winter Roach campaign. Once again I won't fist his chips but it is an ingenious double feedback loop involving Roach and Zander. All I will say is that if you're catching one you're probably not going to be catching the other.

Many plans were laid for trips which haven't yet happened.


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