Monday, 16 November 2009

Plugged Half an Hour

15th November, 0845 - 09:30. Snitterfield Ressy. A glorious morning.

I was well hacked-off with the weather last week. Wind, rain and darkness. Add to this the rapidity of the seasons change and it's a recipe for pure sour despondency. All my geeky efficiencies of setting up and preparing bait the night before have simply stopped buying me any noticeable benefit in fishing time. No matter what tricks I pull it's getting darker earlier. Time to stop fighting it and go with it then.

I look at this website religiously. In the spring and summer months I will time to slow. Right now I'm motoring to December 21st, the shortest day of the year. Why? Because it's all upwards from there on in!

All this negativity troughed at Brandon last Tuesday. Like a diver descending into the depths I've now stabilised. Apparently it's not just the depth that can kill you but the speed at which you either descend or surface. I'm becoming acclimatised.

I'd had a busy weekend prior to Sunday and so didn't plan to fish before Sundays work party. However when I awoke just before eight and saw blue skies out of the window something grabbed me and propelled me out of the house without breakfast. Saturday had seen some mental weather hit the south and west in terms of severe winds and lashing rain. Sunday morning was a fine example of the breed.

I had spinning for Perch in mind and found two friends Mark and Ian with the same idea already fishing. A few other pleasure anglers were present and seemed to be catching regularly.

I fancied having a go at the structure by the dam but both guys said they'd given it a good going over so I moved to the opposite end by the weeds in the sunshine.

I found a peg with a lot of water in front of it and pulled a small jelly shad through the spectrum of casts available. I didn't have any takes.

The sun was warm on my face.

I know there are lots of Perch in the water and so rather than move round I decided to go through my box of lures to see if I could find one they would take - a little experiment. I put on five different lures in total, some with seriously cheap blunt hooks. From sparkly to garishly coloured I didn't get a bite. I wasn't so worried about the duff hooks. I thought if I could find a pattern the Perch were interested in then I could always change the hooks and thrash it once I'd picked a winner.

I had a few throws at the 'pier' before packing up but had the same result there - nowt. I was using a short rod and braided line and when pulling the lures through the margins they all looked irresistible with their twitchy, flashy movements. I wondered how any predator could refuse them, but refuse them they did.


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