Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Constantly Variable Weather

Sunday 1st November, 08:00 - 09:15. College Pool and River Avon (briefly). Mental weather: howling wind and hard horizontal rain.

After the pleasant weather we've had recently Sunday morning turned out horrible. I arrived at College Pool with the rain lashing the windows and the wind rocking the chassis of the car. I sat for five minutes questioning my right-mindedness and pondered getting out.

I quickly got bored of pondering and have lost track of how right-mindedness ever gets a look in in a fisherman's head. I braved the weather.

Horizontal rain and a strong wind greeted me on the outside.

I threw a single hook jelly shad around College Pool for half an hour in the hope of a good Perch but no luck.

I moved down to the river as there was a 15 peg match booked and I wanted to check they hadn't all been blown in or washed away. Only four guys had turned up to fish but they were getting bites on maggot feeder.

I had a pull but when tightening up to the fish the line went slack. I reeled in only the top swivel from the trace - the top crimp had let go. First time that's ever happened to me. It was a single hook lure with the barb squeezed flat.

I packed up and returned to College to start work with the rest of the work party. The brolly and chair of the only other mentalist fishing had been blown into the pool. He went off to Stratford to buy devices with which to fish it out but was unsuccessful when he returned. I broke out the spinning rod and put up a Blair spoon. I soon had a take from something heavy in his swim which moved slowly under pressure. Other help soon joined me and we eventually retrieved my pb Korum accessory chair with brolly attached. The brolly was lip hooked too.


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