Saturday, 31 October 2009

Warwickshire Avon!

Thursday 29th October, 16:00 - 19:00. River Avon at Wasperton. Very mild and still.

This was a short exploratory session back on home turf. I might be getting ahead of myself but once I've caught a five pound Zander my attention is going to return to Roach and Perch and I really want to catch a decent one of each from this river.

I fished above the Swans neck on the lower part of LAA's Wasperton water. The first thing I noticed is the massive improvement to the lower car park thanks to a few tons of hardcore. The parking down there is now much easier.

I fished an in-line maggot feeder on a light quiver tip through to a 5lb bottom and a strong 14 hook. I baited with 2-3 maggots. The peg I chose was just upstream of a far bank tree that has fallen into the water. This looked a good holding spot for all sorts, and it was all sorts I was targeting tonight.

There were three influences driving me to fish here;

1) Pete's had some success with Barbel on the BAA water just upstream. That water looks much the same as this piece in terms of character. I've never seen any Barbel anglers on this bottom section but I've always wondered about its potential. Barbel like maggots.

2) With one eye on a late Autumn Roach venue I wanted to assess the potential here. Roach like maggots.

3) I've been wondering if this stretch holds any Zander and although this evening session wouldn't tell me I can check out likely spots.

It was an easy lob to just upstream of the fallen tree.

The first couple of casts were lifeless on the tip. On the third I had a tremble. On the fourth I had a jag. From the fifth until after dark it was a case of a strike bringing the cast to an end. After dark activity slowed and I had to wait for a bite.

I was glad of the routine casting as when the light faded later on I could almost literally make the cast with my eyes shut, feathering the feeder into the same spot each chuck.

I caught a Perch after about half an hour of fishing but was simply missing too many bites. The braided mainline and light tip was showing up everything but the bites were lightning quick, hopefully small fish. I think I might have done better if I wasn't fishing so square.

As dusk descended a few more substantial indications crept into the mix and I soon had a Bream of about 4lbs on the bank. I hit a 'rolling feeder' movement on the tip for this fish - the feeder I was using was cylindrical with fins down the side.

Another Bream of about four pounds followed the first as the light faded.

This second fish was in mint condition.

After this I had three eels on the trot. The first had gorged my hook and I couldn't retrieve it so I tied on a bigger hook to try and hit more bites.

I had two Chub about four pounds each. Here's one of 4lbs 4oz;

One more Eel finished proceedings and I packed up.

No Roach, no Barbel but a healthy river in front of me. I saw signs of Roach topping at dusk which provided encouragement.

I also saw Herons, Kingfishers, Pheasant, Woodpeckers, Voles, an Owl and heard a mighty fish crash downstream.


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