Thursday, 8 October 2009

Big Coat Blank

Thursday 8th October, 16:00 - 19:45. Brandon Marsh. Cool during the day and then cold. Get the big coats out boys.

I fished one rod, float fishing for a Bream / Tench / Carp.

I'm running out of ways to talk up a blank, for a blank it was.

There was little wind in my sheltered spot and the surface was flat calm. Not content with watching the tip of my float during daylight hours I focused hard on the meniscus created where it pierced the surface of the water, desperately seeking an indication of a feeding fish below. The meniscus was still.

The blips flipped and the kingfisher dived but nothing troubled my quill.

At dusk I made a mental note that my hand hadn't hovered over the cork in that expectant way even once yet.

The lake bed was clear and casts lasted thirty minutes as I'd put in my loose offerings at the start and didn't intend on topping up until I'd had a bite.

At one point I saw a twig of an overhanging bush move as a fish moved through the submerged cover. I addition I saw a tail come out of the water in a shallow strip of water.

You would wouldn't....| No! Get on with it:

I later trimmed this boilie down and added a sweetened piece of plastic corn at dusk.

I didn't need Derran Brown to stick me to my chair for this one. I caught myself slack jawed and staring dribbling at my float on more than one occasion.

I even chose a camo-can for my refreshment;

Nill points.


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