Sunday, 18 October 2009

Fishing Abandoned.

Friday 16th October, 14:30 - 16:30. Cosgrove Caravan Park at my brothers van.

This date had been in the diary for a while. I was visiting my brother's van at Cosgrove which has fishing in the gravel pit it backs onto. Also on site is the River Great Ouse and Tove and so the plan was to try for a Perch, from the pit on Friday afternoon and then perhaps the river before coming home Saturday.

Tactics were to start on my pole and hopefully catch some small fish to use as bait at dusk. I also had worms and a float rod I could try and pick one up with.

I started fishing red maggot on the pole and although it took me almost thirty minutes to get the swim going I soon started to catch Roach and Perch pretty regularly. My brother had a go on the pole and we chatted away whilst I fished.

Unbeknown to me another mate Karl then turned up at the van whom my brother had invited on the quiet and kept under his hat. Karl is one of my 'just out of University' buddies. These are like University friends but with the gilt edge of money added to the mix. Karl, my brother and I have shared in some heady times in the past and so within half an hour the banter rose to the surface, cans were opened and consequently the fishing was relegated to a background activity.

Although both guys have a passing interest in fishing the chill wind and lack of angling effort meant the pull of the warm van with it's vista out onto the water was more appealing than being part of the view. I sensed the mood and packed up.

I'd caught a few before taking the rod down;

The best was a Perch too;

That was pretty much it for fishing I'm afraid. I did put my new one piece suit on after we returned from the pub and spent an hour chatting to the bloke and his mate from the van next door who was Carp fishing. He had one 16lb. His mate's parents have bought the house next to the Malt Shovel in Ryton near the Avon so I told him about the fishing to be had down there.

One piece suit modeled;

There was part of me that was torn about not giving the river or the pit a proper go but the majority part enjoyed the good company.


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