Sunday, 18 October 2009

Early at Stratford

Sunday 18th October, 07:45 - 11:00. Small weir at Lucy's Mill. A cold morning.

I met up with Pete early this morning and had a few hours on the waggler and maggot on the small weir at Lucy's Mill. He fished the big weir after Barbel and Zander while I concentrated on the one rod.

It was a chilly start. Mist rose from the of the weir. It took me a while to get the swim going. I catapulted maggots only sparingly on the line I was fishing. I was hoping for a decent Roach or Perch.

I caught only Perch for the first two hours. One was half decent but I didn't weigh it. It wasn't on the competition radar of two pounds or more.

At about ten o'clock the Bleak moved in and became a pain. Only one in three casts made it through them and the bites near the deck dried up too.

I packed up and went over to chat to Pete about an upcoming outing this Friday and found he was doing the same. He'd had a knock on a worm but other than that it was quiet and so was calling it a day.

Just Perch and Bleak in the net, not a Roach to be found;


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