Sunday, 21 March 2010

Ballater Bound

Sunday 21st March, 08:30 - 17:10. Coventry to Ballater.

The journey was good the car was fine. The roads were fast, apart from the numerous stretches of bloody roadworks and average speed cameras.

The scenery changed dramatically over the course of the day. Lowland turned into the lakes turned into hills which turned into highlands.

At Perth we joined the A93 right the way up to our destination. In my opinion the A93 must be clinging onto it's 'A' like an apple tree to it's apples in October. Twisting and turning the driving was engaging and fun.

At Glenshee we stopped to watch the skiers as the further North we travelled the more snow we saw. UK skiing is not something you see every day, especially not in the Midlands.

Until we approached the highest point in the Cairngorms the rivers were flowing in the direction from which we'd come. After the climb to Glenshee the river we saw started to flow with us in our direction of travel. The river we were tracking grew from toddler to tempestuous teen quickly in front of out eyes. As we passed through Braemar we realised the river we'd seen mature in front us was the Dee itself, which we would be fishing this week.

The Dee from Ballater Bridge

Once we'd arrived it was a Guinness in the bar after taking a good long look at the river from the bank and bridge.

Tomorrow is a big day. Much anticipation. The conditions look good and Monday is always a good day for Salmon. Here's hoping.

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