Monday, 22 March 2010

Butt Slapper

22nd March, 09:15 - 18:00. Craigendinnie, river Dee.

It would be too easy for me to focus on the negatives from today: how I tossed away the first couple of hours apparently completely forgetting how to cast, how both feet of my waders sprang leaks within a minute of stepping into the water, or even just the absence of a fish on the bank when there were fish caught below us.

I want to focus on the positives however, and try convey to you the sheer exhilaration of simply fishing on this amazing river. Once my initial casting crisis was over I found the mechanics of casting became routine rather than occupying my entire attention. With casting relegated to a background process the fishing itself rose to the surface and occupied the foreground.

Butt slapper is my way of describing a good cast. When the fly line shoots out with good force the loose line hanging in the water by the reel is pulled taught and 'slaps' the blank of the butt section. On a really good cast the reel will click a little as line is pulled from it.

The water looked amazing and I thought something truly incredible was going to happen every time my line went out straight. The water hovered at around 2ft up for most of the day, rising an additional foot late afternoon once the sun came out and the mornings rain blew over.

The environment is clean and sandy under foot and the wading was cold but engaging. Tomorrow I intend to reappropriate a couple of carrier bags in order to try and keep my feet dry a little longer. I will look like a proper compo.

I saw my first Dee salmon this evening; it porpoised just off the main current at around six o'clock, coming completely clear of the water. Of course it was on the other side of the river to that which I was fishing at the time. Tomorrow we fish that side. :)

Here's some photos:

Lorne Pool midstream. Water's up to my thighs and burbling around my legs. Ace.

Just before I went into Lorne pool.

My car playing hide and seek.

Big grin. Yet to even set up.

We both have a good feeling about tomorrow. Let's hope the fish are in front of us because our 'A' game seems to be taking shape. To be honest it came as a bit of a surprise nothing occurred today but having talked over things this evening there are some tweaks we can make which will hopefully dangle the fly within range of a prize Dee springer.


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