Thursday, 25 March 2010

Tomorrow is Another Day

Thursday 25th March. Craigendinnie. 09:00 - 18:45. Wet (Dreach).

Once again Rob and I fished hard all day but remain fishless. Disregarding the hours I lost on Tuesday due to lack of ability we've now eight rod days under our belt and only one pull to show for it. Aaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhh.

Fair enough the water's been up and down a bit which is not good news but fish have been coming out.

Believe me when I say we've questioned everything. Lines, flies, angle of cast, head wear, religious beliefs. I've changed my hat regularly. Today I sang my way down a whole pool in an attempt to feign disinterest in the fish.

I saw two running fish at close quarters today in the neck of Jockey fife (aka Fockey Jife). Nothing else I know makes the sound of a salmon tearing through the surface. It's like the sound of a roman candle fizzing rather than a splashy sound.

Casting is no longer a major issue for me and I'm happy I'm covering the water where they might be lying up, taking a rest from the tearing current.

We are now both in need of some reward for our efforts as the belief tank is running low. Our respected ghillie remains adamant we are doing nothing wrong and assured us he thought we might have found success by now.

Tomorrow is another day and I for one remain optimistic we are simply playing a game of roulette. Sooner or later we will have our red letter day.

Photos. Ayyyeeeeee:

Align CentreDreach the noo. (Pissing it down this afternoon)

The Pulpit on Lorne Pool

A message for all fishers in the pulpit - Dry Lines No Fish.

We find ourselves in the cloud.

Rain? What rain!


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  1. Nothing to speak of yet, but the photography just stinks of fish!

    C'mon Keith, these are some of the most spaced photo's ever seen on

    Don't let us down now. We, your loyal followers, expect fish...!

    Rah Rah Keith, Rah Rah Keith!