Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A Day of Two Halves

24th March, 09:20 - 18:45. Craigendinnie. Lower then upper. Light rain on and off.

First thing today I was put on lovely looking water which required single spey casting from the bank. I couldn't get a line out for love nor money and felt like I wasted the first two hours of fishing pulling grass off my hook and undoing tangles. Things came to a head when I ran out of swear words and had beaten myself into a snarling lashing foul-mooded fancy-dressed lanky fat f..........

I wound in and asked the ghillie if I could try another run down Brown's corner. This involved wading, which is where my casting seems to come together of late.

True to form once in the water the pieces of the casting puzzle took shape again and the line flew out. Now the problem was not finding new and interesting ways to swear but getting me out of the water to eat lunch. When you're thigh deep in burbling water and the fly is going out a metaphoric mile it's so good you don't want the pool to end. My whole outlook on the day had changed, and once I'd conceded that fishing from the bank was not my forte and I would avoid it at all costs the remainder of the day, my spirit soared.

Tightening a hook before going in. Note the wet legs.

By the way, today I was wearing bin liners beneath my leaky waders in a desperate attempt to keep the cold water out. They were breached within five minutes of entering the water. The good news however is that John Norris once again came good and the order I placed for replacement waders yesterday afternoon, arrived today. No more freezing wet feet tomorrow!! Woo Hoo!

We both fished hard (and well) right into dusk and despite seeing a fish in the head of Jockey Fife we are still fishless. Rob and I were 'hitting the far bank' at the end of the day and start tomorrow on a very productive area. I was buzzing when I climbed frozen and numb-footed out of the water this evening and I firmly believe if we keep up this effort it is only a matter of time.

What would you call these clouds Jeff!?


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  1. Altocumulus lenticularis. Mountain clouds, and a good omen for a salmon on the morrow, apparently!