Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Have You Been a Good Boy this Year?

I don't care get the hell off my lap!

Two fishing-related stocking-fillers from Aldi.

I say curb your propensity for branded goods. I've bought from this store before and there are often bargains to be had.

I bought a small fishing bag (well two actually) last year for £7.99 with 'Crane' branded zip pulls. I saw an identical bag for sale with 'Chub' branded zip pulls for £29.99. Don't get me wrong it's not all top drawer, but worth keeping an eye out for the special deals.

I also commend the Bratwurst sausage to you. If Aldi's done one thing for me it's introduce me to Bratwurst sausage. Hmmmm, with mash and peas.


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