Sunday, 13 December 2009

Just a Walk

Sunday 13th December, 08:45 - 0930. A walk along the Warks Avon at Wasperton (Leamington Angling / BAA Water)

I didn't fish before the work party this morning. I was umm'ing and ahh'ing last night but decided against it late on. What with the various Xmas concerts and parties this week it doesn't look I'll be able to get out again until Thursday now. This is a busy time of year for all I imagine.

Instead I went for a brisk walk upstream of the Swan's neck on the Leamington stretch and even hopped over the fence to look at the upstream BAA water where my mate Pete's been having some success with Barbel recently.

Here's a few photos.

Sun comes up above the Swan's Neck.

This is the fallen tree peg where I had Chub and Bream from the other week. The water was a good colour and looked no more than a foot or so up.

Upstream of the fallen tree there's a subtle increase in flow and there's the remains of a weed bed or some other obstruction mid-river which is causing turbulence on the surface. Would be nice for fish to hide behind.

Looking downstream from the upper limit of Leamington's water. There are some nice overhanging trees on the far side and the current picks up a little pace here. I am going to give this a try for Barbel next year.

Looking upstream from the upper limit of Leamington. The 'Propeller' peg is in the distance. there are thousands of saplings on their water too. They've been planting a bit haven't they?

I saw a Hare here.

The 'Propeller' peg on the BAA Manor Farm stretch. Good cover on the far side. The river runs into scar bank at this point and is directed to turn left by the rock. Slightly narrower, there is faster than average pace.

Back down at the Swan's neck later on there was a good number of silver fish topping. By far the most populated area was at the end of a run of rushes on the far side. Park in the lower Waspo' car park, turn left downstream and as the rushes on the far bank run out the fish were there.


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