Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Manage Your Expectations

Tuesday 8th December, 16:00 - 20:15. Brandon Marsh. Light Southerly, air temp warming from 8C to 10C on departure.

How many times have you embarked on an outing almost certain of a red letter day only to be mystified by the absence of your quarry? How many times have you 'nipped out' on the off chance and had something momentous take hold?

The more you fish the more you are able to predict how you will fare in certain conditions and with certain species. You can't buy such experience and when things fall into place it is immensely satisfying. Conversely, unpredicted events are what feeds experience. Anglers are always on the look out for the unexpected.

My Roach approach has been catching mostly Bream of late - wherever I employ it. Bread crumb mixed with a few small pellets and particles and a sprinkling of some liquid additives in the feeder. Bread flake on a hair on the hook.

I took my approach to Brandon with Bream in mind.

Given I've put in quite a few hours at this venue this season for not much return, experience told me to dampen down my expectations.

I was prepared for it to be dark within twenty minutes of arrival.

I was numbed to the fact that my tip might not move a millimeter all night.

I was expecting it to be raining from the off and to be under a brolly for the duration.

On this occasion my glass ceiling of expectation was smashed!.....................

........ It didn't start raining until at least 7:30pm!

Now that's what I call success.

I'm still struggling to catch from Brandon but I maintain that it's my problem and not the fishery's. My approach was positive, casting accurately and switching hookbaits for variety. I was tucked up warm and under a brolly the footy was on the radio so all was well.

I'm pleased with my new one piece suit. The elasticated cuffs really keep out the draft and it's totally waterproof. However this means I'm virtually hermetically sealed-in and so the garment acts as one enormous dutch oven. The seal to which is usually broken around ones neck when you move in any way at all. Even a deep breath displaces air up from the collar. I had garlic chicken for dinner last night. It's like sitting in a gigantic guff sauna.


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