Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Next Years Nonsense...

The beer got the better of us the other night. But after stripping to the waist and oiling up there could only be one clear winner.

To try and catch a bag of the record weight for each species. e.g. Catch 21lbs 1oz of Barbel in one session, or 4ozs of Bleak in a single sitting.

Some will be easier than others, but unlike last year when Pete and I were fishing for big fish this year it will be consistency and all-roundedness that will shine. A good day on the cut could nail Gudgeon, Perch and Ruffe. Whereas I doubt if I've caught 46lb of Pike in any previous angling year never mind single session!

I will keep you abreast of my own achievements on here. I'll let the others tell you their stories.......

Cheers. And here we go again.

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