Saturday, 3 April 2010

A Bend in the Rod

Tuesday 30th March, 15:45 - 19:45. Hopsford Hall. 9C Arrival 5C departure. Wet and very windy. Strong S up towards car park of pool.

I arrived home from Salmon fishing in Scotland at six o'clock last Sunday evening. It was a long drive and I ached until Wednesday. Only my mother raised an eyebrow when she discovered I was fishing again the following Tuesday.

After a fruitless week on the Dee I needed a bite and so with Roach in mind headed to Hopsford Hall.

Whilst making my way to the bank from the car I passed a carp guy who was wheeling his first barrow-load back to his van after an overnight. "Any good?", said I. "I've had a few", came the reply, as if I'd asked him to disclose a national secret. I'd stopped walking with the intention of passing the time of day but he motored on by. Talk about keeping your cards close to your chest. I hold those of the cloak and dagger movement in dim regard. I've been fishing these lakes for over fifteen years and have a very good idea about exactly what they contain. Still.....

I had my new short quiver rod with me and stuffed a small feeder with the usual bread mash pellet and maggot. The wind was strong and the waves were catching the line from the rod tip making the light tip twitch. It took twenty minutes for the bites to come but when they did they were discernible against the background noise of the chop.

I soon hooked my first Roach which was followed by a few more. The first few weighed in at 11ozs.

After this I started missing bites for no apparent reason. I fished on for forty five minutes but it kept happening and so I took a good long look at my hook in case something was awry.

Unbeknown to me the hook length had formed a neat tight half hitch around the shank of the hook which was shaping the hook into an undesirable angle from the mainline. I retied my hook length and started to catch again.

The rain came in and the light dimmed and although I'd had a few more roach and perch I knew I hadn't had four pounds worth so called it a day.

The wind made things so cold by the end I couldn't feel my fingers (again). It was good to get a bite though!


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