Sunday, 25 April 2010

Nearly Man.

Sunday 25th April, 09:30 - 13:00. Brook field. 13>19C S12mph.

I returned with my daughter Abbey to Brook field after Rudd. This is not a team event and as we both fished whips my conscience was never going to allow me to claim any points today. But if I wanted to fish she wanted to come so off we trotted. I already had the trip planned and visualised in my head before I gained a team mate so I felt no need to change my plans.

Single maggot under a pole float yielded 7lb 10oz of fish in three hours. To my chagrin there were a significant number of roach amongst the net. They made up approximately 50% of the catch along with the rudd.

7lb 10ozs of Silvers.

Abbey contributed a fair few fish to the net.

I sifted out the Roach and carried out a second weigh in of just rudd which went 4lbs exactly. Nearly man.

Abbey caught one of the same goldfish Jeff Hatt had on Wednesday. This made her day.

Still no brown goldfish, although we were fishing off bottom for all of this short session.

Pete visited the venue this afternoon and had 5lb 10ozs of rudd with hardly any roach amongst them.

So here are the scores tonight:


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