Monday, 19 April 2010

Full Stretch!

Sunday 18th April, 17:00 - 18:30. Jubilee with the kids. 16 - 14C.

With a twinkle in their eyes after seeing Danny's carp the previous evening and to round off a full and busy weekend I took my pair to Jubilee pools for an hour at Sunday teatime.

We fished in the edge on Horseshoe pool; paste over pellet.

I set up a float rod and centrepin reel and a carp margin pole with with fat elastic.

Merv' Wilkinson and his grandson 'Twink' were taking a walk around the pools and stopped a while for a chat. It was whilst they were with us that the float dived on the rod and reel outfit. A carp tore off across the lake but soon shed the hook. A couple of small scales on the retrieved hook indicated the fish had been hooked in the jacket.

Soon after and the float on the end of the pole disappeared.

This is when the fun started. The carp made it's way out towards the middle of the pool and the pole elastic stretched to unimaginable lengths. The pole itself took on a healthy bend too. Merv' took a couple of snaps and once the first rushes of the fish were over I recruited my boy Max to the pole to help take the strain.

Full Stretch!

The Net Awaits

The fish put up a tremendous fight in the clear waters and it took perhaps ten minutes to succumb. The pole and elastic endlessly absorbed the runs. Only during the first few runs did I feel like the setup was nearing 'bottoming out'. In retrospect it was a touch maverick to use a pole on the pool but I had tench in mind.

11lbs 14ozs

Centre of attention and returned for another day

We stayed on for another hour but the cloud thickened and the temperature dropped enough for us to all notice.



  1. Congratulations, seems that you kids are hooked on fishing also.

    God job mate!!!

  2. nice one keith, looked like the few hours were enjoyed by all.

  3. Lovely Read,the children look very happy with that Carp.

  4. Thanks fellas. Although I never quite feel rested after fishing with both in tow it is nice to see them taking an interest.