Saturday, 3 April 2010

Fish-O-Mania for One

Saturday 3rd April, 15:00 - 18:15. Brook Field fishery. 11C arrival 9C departure. Showery. Light wind.

I set up a 14ft float rod with .5g pole float to 3.2lb bottom and single white maggot and listened to the football in peace and quiet whilst not wearing a single item of thermal underwear. Bliss.

I caught Roach from the off and weighed them in (from my landing net) every every half hour. I didn't bring a keep net as I wasn't sure if they were allowed however the owner said he would have preferred that to his fish having even a short stay in my landing net.

In addition to roach I caught skimmers, hybrids, perch and rudd - all of which were excluded from the weigh-in's.

I had to 'sew-up' three holes in my landing net as not only were some fish escaping but others got stuck.

I ended up with 6lbs 11ozs of roach. Enough for a point in this years competition.


This gudgeon was the first I've caught in ages. I love gudgeon.

The roach were picking the maggots up off the bottom. I was laying on about three inches.

Carp anglers dream of this hook hold.

A mixed bag.

The rain came in about five o'clock and it was noticeable how the bites dropped off whilst it fell. I was fishing in three feet of water and so I presume the fish didn't take kindly to the assault on their lateral lines. Once it had passed by six o'clock things returned to a bite a chuck.

Rejected! Dubious Bream parentage.

The weigh-in weights were: 1lb 3oz, 1lb 4oz, 1lb 6oz, (then the rain came) 13oz, 13oz, (then it stopped) 1lb 4oz.

Here's the scores on the doors tonight:


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