Sunday, 11 April 2010


I took a bike ride to Coombe with my daughter yesterday. She’s recently completed her cycling proficiency test and so spent most of the journey telling me what I was doing wrong.

In the woods the bluebell flowers were not quite out but their bright green foliage carpeting the wood was quite a display in itself. Once in flower, in perhaps a weeks time, the woods will look spectacular in the spring sunshine. Catch it if you can.

I popped up to Jubilee for the last hour to see my mate Pete who had been fishing up there for the bream yesterday afternoon. We saw lots of activity from carp on the surface but he didn’t have a bite and so retired fishless just before eight.

The margins were alive with frogs undertaking some fruity behaviour.

I don’t know if this is nationwide but my local Tesco in Coventry have Energizer three LED head torches on for half price at the moment - £5.49. A good buy.

My particle supply is running low and I’ll shortly be having a mass preparation session in the back garden. I’ll take some photos of the process so you too can fill a bin with stewed seeds should you so wish.



  1. I've seen a good sized pike in one of the small streams that feed the main lake at Coombe. It was motionless in a few feet of water ignoring all the human traffic on the path that ran next to it. Whenever I have been up again the duck weed had completely covered the surface so no further sightings - I would say it was well into double figures!


  2. Kev, I know where you mean. That's Smite brook which runs in and out of Coombe pool and eventually into the Sowe at Tescos on Clifford bridge road.

    Roach shoal up on that section by the path in their thousands early on in the year. I had a good look for them on Saturday but I think I was a bit late as I only saw the odd flash beneath the surface. Previously they have been fifty thick across the brook as far up as the eye can see - quite a phenomenan.

  3. Nice blog mate!!!

    Greetings form Finland