Sunday, 28 June 2009

After Carp and an Eel at Brandon

Tuesday 23rd June. Brandon after work. Very warm, NE breeze.

I was at Brandon on Tuesday after work after a carp and an Eel.

I settled in a deep bay with the wind blowing towards me. I fished a simple Carp set up in the margins in hope of a run and fished a bunch of red maggots under a float in the hope of a an Eel or Tench.

I saw a couple of Carp roll in the bay but not much else. There were lots of fry on the top and the odd small Perch chasing them into the air. I saw one small Tench roll and small Roach sipping flies from the surface. Otherwise very quiet.

I didn't have a touch on either rod all night.

Things have gone a bit slack of late but I'm concentrating on something special again so that's not surprising.

Pete's had a Crucian from Snitterfield so the scores on the doors are now;

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