Sunday, 21 June 2009

Thurs June 18th

The Pluff. 08:30 - 16:00. Match section.

Pete and I met up once again for a days fishing, my fourth on the trot - heaven.

We found the upper Warks Avon it it's finest early summer finery. Lush greenery and clear waters.
Once again I was on the bank first, primarily as I live the closest. I chatted to a regular and set up in my favourite swim to await calamity Pete's arrival.

I lost a Chub first cast and then things went quiet. Pete arrived and set up in the swim directly downstream of me.

Soon after I hooked and landed my first Barbel of the season. 8lb 5ozs;

It was an amazing fight in the clear water and confined space of the swim. The centrepin I was using was an asset during the fight as I could clamp down and set the clutch to stop when I needed to then give line and be more gentle towards the end. I was elated when the fish glided into the net. Pete was dismayed when I weighed it in a plastic bag.

After the fish was safely returned I joined Pete in his peg, glowing. We watched Barbel and Chub moving through his swim over his bait. As if on cue a Barbel moved onto the gravel in full view picked up the bait and the tip bent round. Pete had the fish on but then lost it when it made a snag on the far side and shed the hook. It was almost the perfect start for both of us and I think Pete saw that after I'd removed the bankstick he was now chewing on from his mouth.

I moved upstream and soon had Barbel feeding again on a gravel run. I hooked and lost one which too made a snag before I could stop it. Although I clamped down it was the bend in the rod that gave the fish the latitude needed to make the snag and freedom.

Pete then lost a large fish in another downstream peg. There was considerable radio silence on the walkies after this second loss.

Although I went on to catch eight Chub from various spots on the stretch, I didn't make contact with another Barbel - I saw a few though.

Pete and I finished the afternoon fishing on the same peg watching Barbel and Chub feeding on the gravel with Rob from Leamington (BoilieBob). He had obviously spent many hours doing this as his insight into the fishes behaviour was insightful and well observed. Upon his suggestion Pete and I 'back-leaded' our line to try and overcome the spookiness of the fish and this resulted in two more Chub for me. Great fun.

Four days fishing on the trot and I can't wait to get back out there.


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