Sunday, 28 June 2009

Snitterfeld Crucian before Abeit

Sunday 28th June. Snitterfield Reservoir 07:00 - 09:15. Very Warm misty start. Clearing to a hot day.

I nicked a couple of hours before our Leamington work party at Snitterfield this morning. Having caught that Crucian almost by fluke the other week from Stockton on a pellet meant for Carp I decided to feed and fish only halibut pellet for this short session.

I fished a 6mm pellet on a band under light pole float under the rod tip towards some marginal weed.

The summers morning was made for fishing - float fishing particularly.

The larger pellet seemed to keep the Roach and Rudd etc. at bay. I only had three proper bites during the two hours fishing. I hit two out of three and both were Crucians: 1lb 6ozs and 1lb 7ozs. There were plenty of fish showing on the surface and others were catching well with Bream and Roach.

I packed up when the first two stroke of the work party fired up and joined the throng, cutting hedges back to clear walkways and paths. Although the small motors make a racket in the quiet of a summers morning if the work wasn't done the fishery would soon fall into disrepair. Having been doing this type of peg-clearing work for a few years now I quickly learned that it is a never ending and largely thankless task.

Every time you're walking down a path or track to your peg and see a cut branch to the side remember someone's been there before you keeping the way clear.

I've a night planned again this coming week so I'll let you know how it goes.


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